Collection: Catering Packages

Our catering packages are a convenient and attractive way of boosting the ambiance for a party of friends. The main difference between our packaged and non-packaged Events is how pricing is handled. Packages are generally sold on a per-person per-day or per-person per-booking price with all Events and Event resources included in the quoted price. Customizing booked packages and fine-tuning them to fit the client's requirements is easy. Packages also make life easier for the catering sales staff because we compose the events from scratch using our available resources. All details are attached to the booking with one click when selecting the package options.

Catering packages allow for inclusive or per-person pricing for the client, with an internal revenue breakdown for our company. To speed up the catering booking process, packages can be tailored to specific customer needs by booking the package of your choice and contacting us with further information and questions.